Welcome to Ms. Audrey's House

Saturday and Sunday from 6-8pm Pacific (2am-4am GMT) on TEVARadio.com

Welcome to Ms. Audrey's House....Come on in and join us!
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Welcome to "Ms. Audrey's House", on TEVARadio.com.

Ms. Audrey, Head Diva in Charge at TEVARadio.com, welcomes you to her website and hopes to see you again soon!
Airing Saturday and Sunday evening, Ms. Audrey's House is produced and hosted by the one and only Ms. Audrey herself, live from Los Angeles, California.

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Saturdays and Sundays from 6-8pm Pacific (2am-4am GMT) on TEVARadio

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The show features regular, ordinary people coming to visit, all of whom are quite extraordinary indeed! This groundbreaking show is filled with information, laughter, love, music and light!

Everyday people provide advice, resources and uplifting information, in addition to amazing (usually hilarious!) discussions and inspirational events. Why don't you come visit too? Come on in, kick your shoes off, and make yourself comfortable on the Magic Couch. There's coffee in the kitchen, and the teapot is whistling.

Ms. Audrey's guests include: home-makers and hairstylists; casting directors and chefs; models and makeup artists; event planners and senior pastors; authors and animal-rights activists; book publishers and bakers; priestesses and practitioners; comedians and child care professionals and so much more!

A note from Ms. Audrey:
My vision for my show is to provide a welcoming space for any and all comers.  Just as one would feel when visiting one's best friend, so should my guests feel when on the Magic Couch.



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